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Brette Morgan is an Arizona born New York transplant pursuing her lifelong dream of being a multimedia makeup artist. She started really getting her hands dirty back in high school by running her high schools makeup department for the student plays and musicals.


From there she went on to study at Northern Arizona University. In her time in college she had the opportunity to live abroad and do quite a bit of traveling. At this point she’s been to over 25 countries all over the world learning from the different people and their cultures. She found that there is nothing more inspiring that being fully immersed in something unfamiliar and forcing yourself out of your comfort zone. Once she landed back at NAU she graduated with a Business Marketing Degree knowing that she needed to know how to run her own business in order to be successful in the makeup industry.

Fresh out of college she took a job working for Quicken Loans doing home mortgages. It didn’t take long to know this type of job and life style wasn’t something that would feed her creative ambition enough to keep her happy. January of 2019 she left her job, packed her bags and flew across the country hoping the possibilities in New York would finally be as big as her career aspirations. Since then she’s graduated from one of the top makeup schools in the country where she was fully submersed in everything from editorial to special effects and a lot of fun in between.


Now she spends her days gaining as much experience as possible and focusing on honing her skills especially in the special effects and character design department. In the future she hopes to work mainly in Film and TV channeling her creativity to bring all the creatures in her head alive. Nothing fuels her more than wanting the people who supported her the most see her do more than they ever could have imagined.

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